What our customers have to say...

I couldn’t believe it was this easy!

I was stressed out at work trying to think about how I would get it all done before my license renewed. Class Star was just the ticket. ‘Very convenient. Very cool. The course has a live speaker and it’s a much better class that just reading text like the other online courses. I highly recommend ClassStar for C.E. credits.

Cherrese Y. Salt Lake City, UT.

Take these courses. They are very good. ClassStar has a done job of setting up these courses and delivering the content with live speakers, voice-over content, and relevant graphics. It’s obvious the company puts the licensees’ needs first. I received confirmation within a few hours of course completion that ClassStar had submitted my C.E. hours to the Division of Real Estate—even though the course providers are allowed up to ten days to do so.

'Definitely recommend this company and the classes—especially when you are in hurry ... and also when you are not in a hurry; and want to get some real value.

Z. Summers, broker, Logan, UT

This has been my best CE class for a while. I didn’t know how an online course would be at first, and I must say I tried a national provider and one other vendor. These other two courses just showed a sequence of text blocks...and so then it becomes more like reading a book than attending class.

Class Star has an instructor talking along with some information on the sidebar…and a little bit of reading material.

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this class…especially since I live in Huntsville and it’s tough to find a C.E. class up here.

Thanks again.

L. Hammon

I was reluctant to try an online class at first. I didn’t think they were “real” classes, and I must admit that I am very pleased to say that I was wrong. These are excellent classes!

I took the Really Useful Ethics Training Course today, and it was everything the title states: useful, fun, relevant, and some good training. The tools I learned about Ethics from this course were excellent, and every bit as a good as sitting in a “traditional” course. I was very comfortable and relaxed as I took it at my kitchen table, in my sweats. I went for a run during a pause—something you can’t do in a traditional class.

My only suggestion is to get more classes in the portfolio…which I found out was “in the works” when I phoned Class Star’s Customer Service.

Thanks. I’ll be back.

Lynn S. Duchesne, UT

I’ve been in the business for over twenty years and I was quite skeptical that continuing education could be taught over the Internet. Our discipline is complex and I didn’t think it possible to deliver this sort of subject matter over a computer.

The REPC course offered by ClassStar with real estate lawyer Dave Johnson was a video of a live classroom, was my first online course and it was very engaging, and took away any doubts I had about taking a course on a computer.

However, I took a course from a different vendor in which a bunch of text just rolls past on the screen with some unrelated photos of houses and people that look like they’re working in some sort of an office that wasn’t too good. I can read a book. Just reading a “shortened book” in the other class was not even close to attending a class.

ClassStar is the real thing…with an instructor teaching a lesson.

Try Class Star. You’ll like it and you’ll learn something.

Gary M. Salt Lake

I took the Ethics course and the REPC course this month. They were very good—have live speakers and some good graphics.

I had a bit of problem with my computer and the tech support at Class Star was superb. This guy I talked to said; “I’m here until you have your certificate in your hand and I want you to call me if you have any questions or any more help.”

After we figured out that my DSL connection was incorrectly installed (I actually paid a local Qwest tech guy to hook it up for me a couple of months ago and it didn’t seem to be very fast); Class Star tech support helped me get it right--and now my entire computer runs better than it did before.

Great classes. Great tech support. I just wish the company had more classes (although the tech guy said to watch for about ten more about the first of the year).

It’s my pleasure to write this up for you.

Dana M. Ogden

I’m with one of the bigger franchises. ClassStar’s Ethics class is as good as any course the home office has created for us. ‘Probably better.


R. S. W. Salt Lake City